Friday, November 18, 2011

hooray for break!

photo from Now and Then via Strikes Our Fancy
It's Friday and that means Thanksgiving break officially starts at 4PM when I get off work! Well actually I still have work next week- but no babysitting :) And Tay doesn't have class! And I get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family! And next week, I really want to share all that I'm grateful for!

This weekend should be pretty relaxing. I haven't been to a single football game this season and I really hope I can get a ticket to see my Bulldogs play their last home game this Saturday!

Here's a little link lovin' for your Friday! Have an adventurous weekend!

Girls with glasses really are the cutest.

A simple recipe for kale chips!

A lovely post about pretty packaging for the holidays.

These pumps are absolutely on my Christmas list.

I want to use this fabric for a project in our bathroom.

Light pink nails + one with sparkle.

Marcel The Shell, Two. FINALLY. And here's the first video in case you live under a rock...

I really love simple dish towels.

The cutest baby animals blog. Prepare to GIGGLE.

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