Tuesday, November 15, 2011

itty bitties

One of my two jobs during the week is as a nanny for a woman in my church. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I drive about 20 minutes outside of Athens to her house to watch her two and a half year old twins. Yes- twins. One boy and one girl. I'll be honest- I don't think anyone dreams of graduating from a competitive college and pursuing a career in babysitting. But with the current recession my choices were limited. And truthfully, the money isn't bad. At first, bonding with the kids was difficult. I had been used to babysitting for another family with children I had watched for over two years. To start over- building trust and expecting obedience- was hard. But over the course of the first month we eventually clicked. The twins have their good days. And then they have their BAD days. But I'm grateful to have a job that helps pay the bills and working with kids can be rewarding- and hilarious.

Last Thursday we tried out a new activity- painting. It was a huge success and kept the kids content for a solid hour in between playing outside and lunch. And they're pretty good artists!

B's work is on the left and K's art on the right. It's cool to see their differing techniques in hold the brush and their strokes. Although I am in NO rush to have kids, I can't wait to frame my kid's artwork.

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