Wednesday, November 2, 2011

wedding wednesday

our rings, photo by Matt Miller
So I thought I would add a little tradition to my blog and create a day where I can ramble and rave about one of my favorite things on earth- WEDDINGS. I'll feature details from my big day, as well as ideas and designs from all the wedding blogs I drool over follow. To start off, it only seems natural to talk about eye candy- the ring.

Let's just say I looked around a bit. OK a lot. I remember being in a Psychology class during my junior year of college and stumbling upon Fay Cullen. Why I was not paying attention in class is irrelevant...But I happened to come across this stunner:

I loved how dainty & unique it looked.
It was love at first sight! I was convinced I was meant to have a gold ring! And in my mind, the emerald cut was really different from what I had seen on a lot of my friends. The only thing I wanted to add was millgrain around the border of the ring. I'm sure I sent Taylor this picture just to give him an idea...but neither of us ever saw something similar in person. Lucky for me, I had a smart boyfriend who did his research and discovered Brilliant Earth.

And that's when he saw her...

Does my man know me or whaaaat???
When the hubby (then boyfriend) popped the question, before saying yes, I just exclaimed, "IT'S SO PRETTY!"

From what I can gather, the hunt for the ring is pretty exciting for fellas. And it's fun sending ideas to my single gals. How did you know what ring was your style? If not engaged/married, where do you like to look for ideas?

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