Thursday, November 17, 2011

time for a makeover

A few months ago, my mom gave me this wicker furniture set that she got at a garage sale for FREE! Although we have yet to actually use it, it's been nice having furniture to fill up space on our big front porch.

With that being said, I would much rather enjoy the wicker furniture...which leads me to my recent decision to redo the chairs and bring them into our living room!

I've loved the look of wicker chairs indoors ever since seeing them in a friend's living room so I did some hardcore Googling, Pinterest searching and sifting through my favorite design blogs for makeover inspiration. I also read this tutorial on how to clean & paint a wicker chair so that I'll be prepared once I pick the new look!

I like this dull blue color via Martha Stewart:

And this chair with white cushions from Pottery Barn:

I LOVE this one from Ikea- it's the perfect shade of gray:

Don't they just look so rustic & chic in a living room?

It seems like a white or ivory cushion with a graphic pillow would be the perfect accent to the wicker. Hopefully I'll get this DIY done soon and share the photos!

Photo Source: Bottom left photo - Apartment Therapy. Bottom right photo - Found via Pinterest.

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