Thursday, March 28, 2013

love is in the details

Today I am coordinating my first ever styled photo shoot! I could not be more thrilled to partner with talented vendors at a gorgeous venue and hopefully capture a vision that has been in my mind for the past couple months. When I think about what I do and why I love it (chaos control), I remember that I'm motivated by a deep passion for detail. I am not a big picture person- I don't know where I see myself in 5 years let alone 10- but I thrive on the small pieces and moments that make life so beautiful.

I recently went through some pictures from my trip to Paris back in 2010 and while at Versailles- one of the most extravagant castles in the world- I noticed the majority of my pictures were of widows, door knobs, key holes, chandeliers and plants. Others might think I missed the big picture, but I like to think I was appreciating the majestic details that make the historical home what it is.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

I shared a while ago about finding a yellow dress for Jessica's wedding (less than 2 months away!) and now I am on the hunt for nude heels. I'm trilled when friends give their bridesmaids the freedom to pick out what they wear, knowing it pleases both parties.

Here are three options ranging in price from high, to medium to low:

Cole Haan knows how to make a quality shoe so I know these heels would last a lifetime. I love the darker shade of nude and thick straps. The issue would be convincing the hubs that they are worth the hefty splurge.

This sleek beauty needs no explanation. Besides being perfectly feminine, the $80 price tag can be justified by the practical color of these pumps that could literally go with anything.

I love a good wedge, and even though these might not have the height I'm looking for (at 5'3" I need all the height I can get), they could be practical enough at less than $25. I know they could be easily paired with shorts for a dressed up summer look.

My dress also requires a belt and I think this one will do just the trick:

What accessories are you sporting for the upcoming wedding season?

// Photo sources: 1. via Pinterest, 2. from Zappos, 3. from Nordstrom, 4. from Target, 5. from Target //

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Five Truths

I hope everyone's week is getting along nicely! The fact that it is March 26th and the temperature has been in the 40's is slightly disturbing to me, but I am praying warm weather is right around the corner. My former co-worker and friend, Natalia, tagged me after she shared her Five Truths today, so I wanted to graciously accept the challenge.

Truth One // Money seriously stresses me out. Ever since getting married, I feel like money is discussed every other day as we rely on two incomes to make sure bills are paid on time and we don't get into an overwhelming amount of debt. Regardless, I despise talking about finances and I hate seeing my husband stressed over money so I avoid the topic like the plague. Recently, I was encouraged by two different people to take a more active role in our finances, like being more aware of what we make and where we spend. I now have a goal to actually enjoy saving and not make the hubby feel pressured to take me out to eat when money is tight.

Truth Two // I used to hate my name and my hair. Now before you unsubscribe from my blog, let me explain. Growing up surrounding by friends with pretty blonde hair and simple (i.e., easy to pronounce) names like "Emma" I was quickly envious! I think the media had something to do with it as well...but it took time to appreciate my unique identity and look (and I refuse to refer to myself as a ginger). I eventually won "Best Hair" as a senior superlative and even though people still mispronounce my name, I love knowing the fact that I have never met another Marilisa!

Truth Three // I knew my husband was "the one" after dating for less than 3 months. It helped that I had known Taylor since I was 11, but I also believe God wanted me to feel secure in finding my soul mate, even at the young age of 19. We were on a trip to Jacksonville, FL with our campus ministry and went on a run on the beach (so cliche I know!). While running on the deserted coast, it felt like we were the only people on Earth and my heart was perfectly content if that had been true. I felt free, girly, and totally in love with the man running beside me. Truth be told, he still makes me feel that way and we've been together for almost 5 years.

Truth Four // I go to the thrift store once a week. Since changing jobs I have a little more time on my hands than I used to, and I love hitting up my local Goodwill on Tuesdays (Senior Discount Day = peace and quiet). I usually sift through the clothing first with hopes of finding some name-brand tops, then venture over to shoes for anything vintage (in a size 6.5 please). I love finding unique pieces for the house too, especially vases or frames for less than $5. Today I scored a cool cookbook for one of my best friends!

Truth Five // I am not a morning person at all. I had no idea how much of a non-morning person I was until getting married. I'm talking "don't touch me," "turn off the light," "leave me alone," kind of non-morning person. Taylor jokes that I am not a Christian when I wake up...which might actually be true. I love taking my time with a cup of coffee in bed, reading my Bible or a marriage book, and slowly working my way towards getting ready for the day. This is proof I can never have a job in a coffee shop.

Like Natalia said, that wasn't too painful! And I hope you feel like you know me a little better now :)

Alexandra, Candice, Brittany, Lauren and Gayle - your turn to spill it!


// Photo via wit + delight //

Thursday, March 7, 2013

spring forward

As you know, this weekend is Daylight Savings and the clocks are moving forward one hour. Even though losing that precious hour of sleep Sunday morning is rough, I am so glad it means more daylight in the evening!

With Spring is right around the corner, I thought I would share inspiring ensembles that make me want to pack away all my flannels and tights this very instant.

// for client meetings // The key is being comfortable while still looking polished since I'm either in the car or walking around a venue that could be outdoors. I would love to add some colorful flats, army green slacks and full skirts to my wardrobe.

// for date nights // I am so looking forward to warmer days so Taylor and I can sit outside for dinner at some of our favorite restaurants. Slouchy pants and silk blouses are sure to add the perfect amount of sultry to a night on the town.

// for weekends // While I might find myself working more weekends as wedding season hits full swing, I'll enjoy any chance to dress down for errands, coffee dates and trips to the dog park.

What are you looking forward to most about Spring?

// Top image via Pinterest. Fashion photo sources: 1. via Prepaganda, 2. via In the City with Crystalin, 3. from Luella & June, 4. via With Love from Kat, 5. via Pinterest,  6. via Pinterest, 7. from Frankie Hearts Fashion //

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chief, the one-year-old.

Yesterday was Chief's first birthday and I have to say I am one proud pet-parent! It is hard to believe that this time last year, Taylor and I were less than a year into marriage, hanging out at Jittery Joe's and crossing our fingers that there was a boy in the recently born litter of German shepherd puppies.

I'm sure some moms would choke me if I said raising a dog is like a child (although I have done a lot of babysitting...), but the bond has to be like a sneak peek of being a momma. The past year has been filled with so many hilarious (and frustrating) potty training, moving into a new house, going on walks, thinking Chief would never run out of energy, finding ripped up magazines, and cuddling in bed. I could not imagine our little family without him!

Here are some of my favorite recent pics of our pup:

I'm looking forward to seeing how Chief  "mellows out" as an adult :) And who knows, maybe within this year we will add another pup to our family (and maybe I already have the name picked out)!


P.S. If anyone in the Athens-area is looking for a German shepherd breeder, we highly recommend Allen Kennels.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hudson Bay

Over the weekend Taylor and I went to my parent's for a quick visit and to see my granny since her husband passed away. While my granny is moving in with my aunt, she is in the process of downsizing her belongings and letting the grand-kids pick out any items she no longer has a need for.

While digging in her garage, a colorful blanket caught my eye. The thick stripes looked familiar, but the chances of it being a true Hudson Bay Point Blanket seemed too good to be true...once I pulled it from a pile my instincts were confirmed and the iconic wool blanket was mine! I've been gathering some design inspiration to figure out how I would like to use it in our guest room- which might be getting a make over in the near future.

Although I'm sad the blanket came with loss of a family member, I can be happy that it offer's a sweet reminder of my granny's husband. Have you inherited or discovered any family treasures that have been a design jackpot? I would love to hear!

// Top image from my Instagram (follow me @marilisa_martel). All other images via Pinterest //
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