Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice to Meet You

Yesterday was one of the most anticipated days of my life- we got to meet our newborn puppy, Chief.

We talked with the breeder, Cindy, for a while about the birth, how the litter was doing, the coloring of each of the pups, and the difference in temperament between male and females. Cindy showed us the three males and let us pick which one we wanted. Taylor chose the one with the most tan coloring (that we could see). Finally we got to hold one-week-old Chief.

I couldn't believe how tiny he was and how sweet his little whine/cry would sound. I also wasn't anticipating the surprise he would leave on my arm...

This is either a sign of our lifelong bond or the beginning of a tough battle ahead. Taylor likes to think Chief was playing a joke on me :) I like to think I already have a lot of love for this pup.

We will be visiting Chief once a week for the next month to acclimate him to our voices and smells. It's amazing how big the puppies get just in a couple weeks. We've been watching a lot of training videos, but this one is by far the sweetest.


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