Monday, March 19, 2012

Chief at two weeks

We went back to Allen Kennels to visit our little pup Chief. The hope is that each week he becomes more familiar with our scents (and when his eyes and ears open- our faces and voices). It's amazing how much he grew in only one week!

I just can't get over how soft he is. On Sunday I read up on training tips for German Shepherd Dogs. Here's some information I found most surprising and helpful:
  •  German Shepherds shed all year long. To keep Chief well-groomed and happy, he'll need to be brushed twice a week.
  • Puppies need 10 to 12 hours of sleep a day. What a life!
  • Dogs should always be trained with positive reinforcement, meaning treats and praise when they do something right- not punishment for disobeying.
  • Chief will need to be on a regular schedule of sleep, feeding, going out and playing as soon as possible. This might require me to work from home for a few days when we first get him...No complaining here! 

The official countdown until when we take him home is 25 days! Hip hip hooray!

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