Thursday, March 8, 2012

dream home {guest room}

In our future home we are beyond blessed to have a second bedroom. If you remember from my tour, at our current house you have to walk through our bedroom to get to the kitchen AND bathroom. Which basically means no privacy for anyone when there's an overnight guest.

The room will hopefully host a full size bed and our desk for studying (Taylor) and blogging (yours truly). Twin beds would be precious- but probably not ideal since most of our out of town guests are married. I swoon over four-poster twin beds like in the home of Ryan & Emerson and below that, from the home of Lucy Allen Gillis (who lived right here in Athens).

Also in Lucy's home, this gorgeous dresser:

I would love for the room to look like something you'd find in a cabin on a lake. A tufted headboard and  wool blanket add a touch of masculinity to any room:

For accessories, I plan to frame some Scottish tea towels given to Taylor by his grandfather and some handkerchiefs. Doesn't this little collection look fabulous? You can find a tutorial right here.

I'm also diggin' this lamp from Ikea and the pressed botanical specimens below:

A simple stool like the one above would be the perfect spot for extra blankets or kilim pillows. In regards to the office part of the guest room, I would love for the wall to display inspiration in an organized way, like the clipboard gallery below.

I also like the look of bamboo blinds instead of curtains. Isn't this little work space gorgeous? I can see myself now...just sitting there & blogging to my hearts content :)

We will probably keep Chief's crate in this room too until he's old enough to sleep on a doggy bed. And I'm pretty sure I will be storing most of my wardrobe in this room as well.

Do you have an extra bedroom in your house? Is it used as a guest room or office or for storage?

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