Friday, September 28, 2012

have a relaxing weekend

What do you have in store for your weekend? After this weekend, Taylor won't have to work a weekend for three weeks (hallelujah!) so as sad as I am to not get as much time together this weekend, I know we have some exciting plans in store! I plan to work on some crafts for Candice's wedding and a few around the house.

I hope your Autumn weekend is extra relaxing!

I plan to paint my nails dark like the picture above

Athens' own artist

Fall cocktail

A wand on my birthday wish-list

If your Autumn party needed a color palette, this would be it!

// Top photo via Gatsby & All his Friends //

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wedding wednesday {part three}

How do you start telling the story of a wedding that was truly a miracle? I guess I will have to begin around 8 am on Sunday morning, the day of Erin and Blake's wedding. I woke up early to eat and pray and quickly realized it was raining outside. In case you're not familiar with Texas it's usually hot and dry. This was not the case for the wedding weekend...

wedding wednesday {part two}

The Saturday afternoon of Erin's wedding weekend was very relaxing and while half of the girls were helping Erin will some errands in Austin, the rest were prepping food for her honeymoon shower. And in case you you don't know what a honeymoon shower is...let's hope it's self explanatory ;)

The theme for our menu was all the places Erin has traveled around the world since she loves traveling. And trying new food. We had to improvise a few items due to time constraints, but overall I feel like it came together perfectly!

To start, we made goat cheese & honey crostinis in honor of her trip to France. I simply sliced a baguette, brushed olive oil on both sides and toasted the bread until crisp. For her trip to Switzerland it was a no-brainer to incorporate cheese and we used an incredible caramelized onion, bacon, and Gruyere spread recipe that Natalie found.

To properly honor Erin's trip to Greece, we made mini gyros with lamb meatballs, cherry tomatoes, pita bread and tzatziki sauce. To sum up her trip to Italy we made a mini anti pasti station with salami, prosciutto, mozzarella and olives.

For dessert we made mini Nutella croissants using Pillsbury crescent rolls. The most intricate menu came from Australia and was no easy feat - Pavlova! While it didn't come out perfect, it was still delicious and only Erin really knew what it was supposed to look like :) Guests also enjoyed champagne & pink lemonade with a raspberry garnish.

Overall, I think Erin thoroughly enjoyed her soiree and we loved throwing it for her!

Stay tuned for the final post from the pictures!


wedding wednesday {part one}

I am beyond excited to share about Erin's wedding weekend today and I'm going to break this feature up into three parts :) To start off, here is a recap of the time spent with Erin and the bridesmaids in Austin!

I flew into Austin Thursday night and met up with some of the girls for dinner at Elizabeth Street Cafe (I saw a recommendation for it on Joanna's blog). The food was perfectly unique and delicious.

Friday morning and afternoon involved errands to the grocery & liquor store with the girls. We also got settled into the gorgeous lake house in Jonestown. After lots of snacking, we got dolled up for Erin's bachelorette festivities.

We grabbed a late dinner at Contigo and enjoyed sharing all the things we love about Erin while chowing down to some down home gourmet goodness. I got a fancy grilled cheese while some of the girls tried egg & pea salad and rabbit & dumplings.

Saturday morning started off with Erin's bridal luncheon brunch made by the bride-to-be herself! She treated us to lox + bagels and then thoughtfully prepared the sweetest things to share about each of us. I cried, naturally.


Finally, she gave us one of the best gifts I have ever received as a bridesmaid - robes! Seriously y'all, these are the gifts that keep on giving. And I know Taylor is thankful that I don't have to keep asking him for one :)

Check back soon for all the details on Erin's honeymoon shower that took place that night!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

happy fall

Saturday marked the first day of fall and this season has endless reasons for being my favorite. To begin with, my birthday is in the heart of October which always makes for excellent and unique celebrations.

I am also itching to pick up pumpkins for our front porch. Now that we're in a real neighborhood, the anticipation for trick-or-treaters is almost too much to bear!

The smell of burning leaves has been my favorite smell for as long as I can remember. I usually catch a whiff when I'm driving with the windows down and suddenly I'm transported to some of the best memories of my college years.

That is all :) xoxo

P.S. You might also like: an obligatory fall post & the rules of fall.

// Photo sources: 1. via Prepaganda 2. via Bourbon & Pearls 3. via The Awkward Bird //

Monday, September 24, 2012

catching up

Last week flew by and I have so much to catch up on. It took me all last week to feel caught up on sleep and to get the house in order. Getting back in the swing of working out and cooking consistently are also on my "to-do" list.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Yesterday I flew into Austin for Erin's wedding weekend! There has been so much anticipation surrounding this weekend and I spent the last 48 hours nailing down my packing list and planning outfits for each day.

Often my biggest concern with traveling is eating before getting to the airport where the fast food temptation is too great. Taylor and I have been enjoying fried eggs on English muffins with feta & arugula the past few days and it definitely helps me have more energy to start off the day.

I also like being prepared with reading material so I don't have to splurge on magazines in the terminal. I was so happy yesterday when I spotted the new Ikea and Martha Stewart Living mags in our mailbox and saved them for take off :)

What are your traveling or packing rituals?

// Top photo via Pinterest //

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wedding wednesday

Looking back at my wedding over a year ago, I kind of wish I had wedding cake. We chose to have a pie bar instead (which was delicious!) but I sometimes find myself looking at wedding cakes on blogs or Pinterest and thinking, "What if?"

The other day at work I sent some cake inspiration to a client and I thought I would share my five favorite modern cakes! Warning: severe wedding envy about to begin. The cake above could not be more girly - give me light pink, sprinkles and stripes and I'm there!

This chevron draw-dropper is playful and unique in size. I love the alternating layers of thickness and the color palette of peach and gold make me wish I had this cake on Sunday :)

I can just imagine inspiration for this cake came from a stunning beaded wedding dress. The pearls offer a subtle rock star attitude to an otherwise basic cake.

You might be more likely to find this cake on a plantation rather than an art gallery, but the large magnolia and textured piping make me think this bride was not your typical southern peach :)

Last but not least, this cake proves flower petals are not just meant for being dropped down the aisle. The look is springtime-fresh and I bet those sugar petals just melt in your mouth!

Will you have a wedding cake or did you have one at your wedding?


// Top photo by Matt Miller. All other images via Natalia's wedding board //

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

n.y. love

New York City will always have a special place in my heart and today my heart is heavier than usual when I think of this day eleven years ago. I remember sitting in my 7th grade English class (while living in northern New Jersey) when it was announced that those who had parents working in the World Trade were dismissed to call home.

The day was such a blur, but the deep confusion I felt on the way home from school while my friend's mom explained what happened has always stuck with me. I will never understand why someone would want to rob others of peace, but I am grateful to live in a country that rises above horror and grief and unites for justice.

Where were you on this day eleven years ago?

Monday, September 10, 2012

the shower

The long awaited bridal shower was nothing short of wonderful. The bridesmaids decorated, prepped and cherished this special day to honor Candice and we think she enjoyed herself too :)

Since she has a love affair with all things caffeinated, we treated her with a basket of mugs, tea kettle, coffee grinder, apron & tea towel. I can't wait to share more pictures and details!


// Photo courtesy of Savannah Veal //

Friday, September 7, 2012

have a sweet weekend

Thank goodness for Friday. Even for a short work week I've felt exhausted and stressed by the endless to-do list. All I can do for now is savor the weekend - and it's packed. Between going home tonight to see my mema & papa and attending a party on Saturday at The Swamp I will be fighting for time to finish up projects for Candice's bridal shower. But it will be great :)

Can't wait to share pictures next week! Enjoy the link love.

Pink & peach palettes for the shower

Girl's dinner party idea with homemade pizza!

California wedding

The top photo has me craving plaid - like this and this.

So excited for Lauren's new blog :)

// Photo via Pinterest //

Thursday, September 6, 2012


This time next week I will be on my way to Austin for Erin + Blake's wedding. I can't believe it was two years ago that Taylor and I took a trip to Texas to visit Blake while they were only dating (we were engaged) and now they are about to be husband and wife!

I feel like I've been reflecting a lot of myself and my marriage recently. Where I am spiritually and where I want to be; here our marriage is and where I want it to be. In the chaos of life I have to remember I am only in control of changing myself - my thoughts, my actions, my habits.

What have you been reflecting on?

// Photo taken in November 2010, Austin TX //

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

wedding wednesday

After much anticipation, here are the stunning photos from Jenna + Andrew's wedding this past May! Gracie Blue Photography not only captured the feel of a rustic venue, but the real love and joy that was felt by all on this special day!

Jenna and Andrew were married in Colbert, Georgia at Tucker Plantation. It was the perfect spot not just for their ceremony and reception, but for getting ready and pampered!

After Jenna's portraits, the girls gathered up for bridal shots in an open field. Jenna's cream and blush palette looked beautiful in the natural setting. The bridesmaids held babies breath bouquets assembled by friends and family.

Jenna's bouquet was hand picked by her groom himself! I think Andrew did a wonderful job selecting colorful blooms that stood out against her ivory chiffon dress.

The groomsmen looked like rock star outlaws for their portraits accompanied by a vintage truck from the property. Even the bluegrass trio (above) from Athens looked like they were meant for this wedding.

The ceremony had endless touching moments - many of which I had no warning or anticipation and once the waterworks started they could not be stopped! Before their personal vows, Jenna and Andrew took turns washing each others feet. I can't imagine a more selfless way to show true love.

I wish I could share more of their flawless photos, but you will just have to check out Grace's full post on her blog to see more!

Thank you, Jenna for letting me be a part of your special and heavenly day! It is one of my most cherished memories from this summer and for life :)

// Photographer: Gracie Blue Photography. Venue: Tucker Plantation //
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