Friday, September 14, 2012


Yesterday I flew into Austin for Erin's wedding weekend! There has been so much anticipation surrounding this weekend and I spent the last 48 hours nailing down my packing list and planning outfits for each day.

Often my biggest concern with traveling is eating before getting to the airport where the fast food temptation is too great. Taylor and I have been enjoying fried eggs on English muffins with feta & arugula the past few days and it definitely helps me have more energy to start off the day.

I also like being prepared with reading material so I don't have to splurge on magazines in the terminal. I was so happy yesterday when I spotted the new Ikea and Martha Stewart Living mags in our mailbox and saved them for take off :)

What are your traveling or packing rituals?

// Top photo via Pinterest //


  1. I feel like your 'Wedding Wednesday' post needs to be all out Erin's wedding! After looking through your "e + b" facebook album, I can't help wondering what happened!

  2. I know! I have been running a little behind with posting this past week but I will be sure to share all the details this wednesday :)


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