Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wedding wednesday {part three}

How do you start telling the story of a wedding that was truly a miracle? I guess I will have to begin around 8 am on Sunday morning, the day of Erin and Blake's wedding. I woke up early to eat and pray and quickly realized it was raining outside. In case you're not familiar with Texas it's usually hot and dry. This was not the case for the wedding weekend...

The plan was for the ceremony and reception to take place in the back yard of one of the lake houses (Erin's family rented two) and enjoy a night under cafe lighting. When the rain didn't let up by 10 am it was clear that a rain plan was in order. The plan quickly became to have the ceremony inside one of the houses and the reception in the other house.

Unfortunately that plan never came to fruition because it was discovered that gatherings of more than 15 people in this particular neighborhood violated an ordinance. Now that Erin was about to have an illegal wedding, a serious back up plan was needed.

Erin's wedding coordinator, a fabulous woman named Terri, called Barton Creek (the resort where Erin & Blake would be staying that night) to find out if there was any availability for a 50 guest wedding. The event coordinator must have been a saint because she said yes and they could use two rooms at no charge.

With 6 hours to go before the ceremony was supposed to start, Alexandra and I hopped in the car with Erin, her dad, and future mother-in-law to see the new (and improved ;) venue. On the way there Erin finds out that her make up and hair stylist had to cancel due to the changes in venue and time (everything got pushed back an hour) so we called milk + honey day spa to find out if they would let Erin in for a last minute BRIDAL appointment.

Not only did they have a stylist available for Erin's hair and make up, but they had champagne waiting for her after hearing of the drama-filled morning. Are you convinced that everyone in Austin is a saint yet? Instead of seeing the venue ahead of time, we scheduled Erin's appointment so she could just relax and be pampered.

After Erin was made up into a bridal goddess, we went to the resort to finish getting ready and meet the photographer! Erin enlisted Taylor Lord as her photographer and I was so impressed with her willingness to improvise with the changes in plan and still capture the most stunning pre-ceremony photos (coming soon!).

This particular wedding and weekend taught me so much about myself and the true meaning of a wedding. As fun as planning and details are to me, at the end of the day it only comes down to two souls becoming one and celebrating the glorious union that God has destined since creation.

Best wishes to the newly married & happy couple!


// Top photo by Taylor Lord //

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  1. I LOVE this post Marilisa! Sums the day up perfectly :)


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