Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wedding wednesday

Looking back at my wedding over a year ago, I kind of wish I had wedding cake. We chose to have a pie bar instead (which was delicious!) but I sometimes find myself looking at wedding cakes on blogs or Pinterest and thinking, "What if?"

The other day at work I sent some cake inspiration to a client and I thought I would share my five favorite modern cakes! Warning: severe wedding envy about to begin. The cake above could not be more girly - give me light pink, sprinkles and stripes and I'm there!

This chevron draw-dropper is playful and unique in size. I love the alternating layers of thickness and the color palette of peach and gold make me wish I had this cake on Sunday :)

I can just imagine inspiration for this cake came from a stunning beaded wedding dress. The pearls offer a subtle rock star attitude to an otherwise basic cake.

You might be more likely to find this cake on a plantation rather than an art gallery, but the large magnolia and textured piping make me think this bride was not your typical southern peach :)

Last but not least, this cake proves flower petals are not just meant for being dropped down the aisle. The look is springtime-fresh and I bet those sugar petals just melt in your mouth!

Will you have a wedding cake or did you have one at your wedding?


// Top photo by Matt Miller. All other images via Natalia's wedding board //

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