Monday, September 3, 2012

labor-less day

Today I am enjoying a day out of the office. Tay has been working non-stop so it's nice to have a day together to relax and work on a few things around the house :) The rainy weather matched my sour mood in the morning, but thankfully Taylor was patient and helped pull me out of my grumpy state.

I worked on two simple DIYs (here is a hint) and can't wait to share pictures tomorrow! Also on my list for the house in the next month: paint the kitchen, put up shelves with these brackets and install a pots & pans rack. Just need to plan a trip to IKEA...

How are you spending your holiday? With loved ones? Working on little projects? Both?!


// Photo via Strikes Our Fancy //


  1. Pretty pumped to see your spice rack! Hope y'all had a great rest of the labor-less day!


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