Tuesday, June 19, 2012

house update : kitchen

Our kitchen is still very much a work in progress (my goal is to have it painted by the end of the summer), but I'm content with where it is at for now. My first design goals were/are:
  • paint the walls yellow or pink or something else
  • paint a chalkboard wall
  • install open shelving
  • organize utensils
  • have some plants or herbs displayed

If we weren't renters I would love to paint the cabinets too, although I think a light blue will work better with the wood than the yellowish/cream/blah on the walls now. I plan on removing the shelf above the stove and will install either a hanging dish rack or peg board above to utilize the wall and storage.

Two or three wood shelves will go above the coffee pot to the right. I found some planks in our garage that will work - just need to find the right stain and distress them!

The space is tight, but functional and I wouldn't trade a thing for that sink window over looking the backyard. Even though no more than 3 people can ideally work in here at a time, I just love our little kitchen. And the dishwasher. I love my dishwasher :)

// Also: before pictures //

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