Thursday, June 21, 2012

house update : guest room

This might be the room I'm most proud of because it's allowed me to incorporate so many more details and pieces I love, but that don't work in our bedroom.

We painted the room Silver Tinsel by Behr's Premium Ultra Plus and I know what you're thinking - silver?! It's actually the most pleasant shade of gray I've ever seen and creates a wonderful neutral palette for the room (of course that's just my opinion ha).

This picture above is a little too dark, but hopefully you get the gist. Shannen and her husband gave us their old Ikea bed frame (similar one here) in exchange for some babysitting and Liz let us have her old Ikea mattress. I stacked vintage suitcases as one night stand (topped with a personalized tissue holder below) and made-over an old electric spool for the other stand (pictures coming soon).

The photo gallery above includes some of Taylor's favorite pictures of Yankee's players which I thought was a fair compromise instead of a baseball themed room :)

The desk might look puny under those windows, but I love how the dark wood matched the floors. And it gets so much more use than when it was in the laundry room at the old house. I haven't told many people this, but I actually keep all my clothing in this room. Besides the fact that the closet is waaay bigger, I like having my space to get away to and get ready (especially before dates :)

Our little Chief sleeps in his crate in the guest room for now and it's nice to have a room where he can keep to himself. We've had a few guest so far, including my sister this week, and I love being able to offer them their own room. All I need are guest toothbrushes :)

// Also: before pictures and inspiration //


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