Friday, June 15, 2012

house update : living room

Not including the past couple days, my blogging consistency had been pretty weak. Between work and setting up the house, my creative juices have been somewhat zapped, but I am ready to get back to sharing about life and things I love!

To make up for the blogging lull, let's go on a new house tour, shall we?! Today I will be sharing the details of our sweet living room. In case you don't remember the initial ideas, my main goals were:
  • light gray walls
  • textured rug
  • leather couch
  • re-do our wicker chairs
  • fill fireplace with wood
  • add industrial lighting

Things are looking pretty good so far! We love the light gray color even though it looks slightly different depending on the time of day (it's Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Mineral in case you're wondering). We got a killer deal on the couch from Craigslist and it is super comfortable (with a pullout bed no less!). The wicker chairs were a labor of love - stripping the paint was impossible so I had to give up my natural wood idea. Instead, I gave them a coat of semi-gloss black spray paint and covered the cushions with a natural fabric. The black looks pretty sick though, no?

I even have a little seating area for my morning quiet times. We got the green leather recliner from the same Craigslist seller and she actually just let us take it! I mean who can give up a free chair??

With a few more finishing touches (like this rug that I LOVE), the room will be complete! I am also adding a few more items to my wish list, like a long wood bench with plants to go under those gorgeous windows. What do you think?

P.S. Be sure to check back next week to see the rest of the house!

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  1. Looks great Marilisa! I love the idea of a long bench and plants along that window. I have my books in "rainbowetical order" as well.

  2. Thanks Julie! I think it was your house where I first saw the "rainbowetical" idea and loved it!

  3. it looks so good! i want to decorate like you!

  4. Your wicker chairs turned out so great!! Job well done. I really adore your blog :)

  5. Thanks Jenna & Brittany! If I had any decorating wisdom to impart it would be: hang on to pieces you're not sure about because in a year you might love it. AND ask your parents if they're getting rid of any thing every time you go home :)


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