Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wedding wednesday

My original plan for today's post was delayed last night, so instead, I thought I would share some recent wedding inspiration via my Pinterest board "the wed." My favorite weddings are the ones that seem so effortless - not forced or pretending to be something it's not.

Ceremony - I've never been to a wedding where the children (or guests) were just allowed to sit in the aisle and I LOVE it - why should the best seat in the house be empty?

Dining - A menu card doesn't have to be printed or formal or stuffy. I love how simple (and cheap!) this paper bag menu is, while still being visually interesting. Of course the striped linen napkin is a wonderful touch too.

Decor - Outdoor seating at a reception can be hit-or-miss in my opinion. Like would you really put a chesterfield outside? Probably not. But some homemade wood couches? Yes please! They fit so naturally in the setting, but could also easily translate into home decor. When brides go the DIY route, they should really consider pieces that will work in their future home after the big day.

Dancing - Everyone  on the dance floor isn't just a sign that the drinks are strong or the band is good - there's a tone of comfort and feeling of freedom among the guests that I truly believe is set and expressed by the bride & groom.

What wedding ideas are you loving on Pinterest these days?


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// Photo sources: 1. via A well traveled woman, 2. via OnceWed, 3. via the style files, 4. via Strikes Our Fancy //

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