Monday, April 30, 2012

a nautical bridal shower

As if the last two weekends were not eventful enough (puppy then moving) this past weekend got even more exciting with Jenna's bridal showers on Saturday and Sunday! In honor of her Maine honeymoon, I thought it would be fun for the bridesmaids to host a nautical themed shower (not that I'm obsessed with nautical themes or anything...). 

Snippet & Ink always has incredible inspiration boards based on color, mood, location and theme. I thought this Seaside board was especially impressive:

Jenna's maid of honor, Brittany, made these precious invitations:

Here are a few more sweet sea-themed invitation ideas:

I've always felt that love is in the details and hopefully Jenna will feel extremely loved by all the details we tried to incorporate into her shower!

 Isn't this boat table and lawn seating so charming?

And lastly, who's to say a theme shouldn't go all the way to your toes (or fingers for that matter)?

For even more sea-side inspiration you can check out this nautical getaway or sail away into love. And come back tomorrow for pictures from Jenna's bridal shower!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wedding wednesday

Today I am sharing the sweetest engagement video I have EVER seen. Patrick + Kimberly are friends with my cousin, Emily, and she shared this awesome video with me the other week. My two favorite parts: 1. When Kimberly screams in the coffee shop after receiving her first balloon and 2. When they first see each other in the art gallery (I got all weepy eyed!).

Isn't Patrick so creative?! If this is their engagement video I can't even imagine how COOL their wedding is going to be! Congrats to Patrick + Kimberly on your engagement and best wishes for your future together. And thank you Emily for sending this with me :)


home improvements

One. Whole. Week. That's how long it's been since my last post. Apologies all around- but the past week has been NUTS. We moved into the new house last Saturday (hooray!) and have since been unpacking, rearranging, painting, potting training the pup, etc. To say I have felt overwhelmed would be an understatement and I really can't wait for a normal week/weekend (whatever that means). I made a to do list for the house, but last night Taylor had to help me accept the fact that it's not all going to get done in a week. How does he always say just what I need to hear? :) So far the only room finished is our bedroom. Pictures coming soon!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wedding wednesday

I found this photo so mesmerizing. I'm not sure if she's a bride, but that is one sultry white dress.

That is all :)

// Photo via Patterson Maker //

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

last minute meal

Now that work has hit serious wedding season, by 5 o'clock my brain is maxed out and I don't even know where to begin for dinner. The other night I thawed some pork loins and decided to look up whatever recipe seemed most feasible (and yummy) through TasteSpotting. Taylor and I were pleasantly surprised by this Pepper-Crusted Pork Loin with Sour Cream and Onion Sauce recipe from Dine & Dish. I had to supplement a few ingredients (milk for sour cream and flour for corn starch), but overall it was delicious and easy.

How do you plan out your weekly meals?

// Top photo from Dine & Dish //

Monday, April 16, 2012

new adventures with chief

Sorry for the serious MIA-ness last Thursday and Friday! The week got a away from me and there was still so much going on to prepare for our little bundle of joy- Chief! We picked him up on Saturday and the past two days have been a blast! Not to say they haven't been exhausting, but he is transitioning surprisingly well. Potty training has also been hilarious- he squats and it's literally a race to see who can grab him first and get him outside.

I apologize in advance if posting is sparse this week, but I do hope to give lots of puppy and home updates soon!

P.S. There was a lot of snoozin' going on this weekend :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wedding wednesday

Why oh why do I have to discover this charming cake topper almost a year after my wedding? Squirrels are my favorite and these cute creatures made by Sian Keegan make the cake look even more delightful.

That is all :)

// Top photo via Oh Joy! //

wedding wednesday

As Jenna's wedding draws closer (39 days away!) I am getting more excited about all the details coming together and the festivities right around the corner. Today I am sharing gorgeous wedding photos by Gracie Blue Photography since she will be capturing Jenna & Andrew's big day. Enjoy!

If you have a moment, you should definitely check out Grace's blog. Besides having a knack for lighting, she captures the most tender moments effortessly. I have a feeling Jenna's special day will end up on some lovely blog as well :)

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

// Photos by Gracie Blue Photography via Style Me Pretty //

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sneak peek - part two

Let's skip the chit chat and get right to the rest of the new house sneak peek shall we?


Told you I wasn't kidding about the brown ceiling! This will be the first room we paint and the first room I transform into my nautical getaway.

Guest Room:

The guest room is right off the kitchen (door in far right corner) and will probably be the last room we work on since we won't really be using it until we have guests. I was pleasantly surprised by how large the room is- with plenty of room for the bed, desk and maybe the wicker loveseat.


The top picture is of the hallway leading from the guest room to our bedroom (with the bathroom in the middle). I think this room really needs a color makeover...but I love the hardwood floors and windows. Taylor and I also had a short debate over which way the bed should face and didn't reach a decision.

Backyard & Side Yard:

Notice the covered patio and charming play house? Chief will love it back there! We seriously have got our work cut out for us between reviving the backyard grass and painting until our arms are sore, but I think each project will be a labor of love. I'm really looking forward to sharing the progress with you on YLIN too!

// Top photo via Pinterest //

sneak peek

One of my most favorite things about Design*Sponge is their weekly Sneak Peeks. I love going on mini house tours and gaining inspiration from such creative individuals. Last night Taylor and I went over to the new digs to plan out which rooms we would paint before moving in. I might be even more crazy about the house than when we first went in! Here's a sneak peek, but keep in mind this is very much BEFORE all of our painting and improvements :)

Living Room:

Please disregard all the stuff piled up in our future living room - it belongs to the landlord and they're having a garage sale next weekend. I hope it helps to have a visual to go along with my living room ideas.

Dining Room:

The dining room is the perfect size with large windows and plenty of space for a bar cart, should we get one :) The walls are not quite the yellow I thought they'd be so we will definitely be going with a dark gray.


Unfortunately these pictures do not provide the best view of the kitchen, but hopefully you have an idea of what we're working with. It might be tiny, but it's exactly what I have been waiting for - a dishwasher, double sinks and plenty of cabinet storage. It also has the perfect walls for a chalkboard and open shelving :)

Check back later for the rest of our sneak peek!

// Top photo via Pinterest //

Monday, April 9, 2012

dream home {outdoor space}

The countdown to the new house has reached less than two weeks! I'm excited and overwhelmed at the thought of packing, unpacking, painting, and decorating- but I know it will all turn out great. One of the luxuries that comes with the new house is a fenced in back yard, complete with covered patio, grill/smoker and kids playhouse (not that we're having kids anytime soon).

Besides being perfect for Chief, it's also exactly what I want in terms of outdoor entertaining. Over the weekend I gathered some inspiration for our outdoor space. If my wicker chair makeover doesn't work out for the living room, we could always put them on the patio.

Another idea for ultimate lounging would be a hammock. I can absolutely see myself falling asleep on this during a cool summer evening. I love the dainty tassels too :)

I can't wait for outdoor dinners with our friends and using the side yard for corn hole. Taylor and I have already started talking about a "house warming" party as our first excuse to have everyone over and try out the grill!

I guess I will be on the hunt for some outdoor seating. Any suggestions for where to find reasonably priced tables and chairs? Charming cafe lights are also a must for the backyard. Don't they seem more sophisticated than your average twinkle lights?

Our landlords are graciously letting us do any gardening we want and even though I have no idea if I have a green thumb, it will be fun to try something new! Do you garden? What's best to plant in late spring?

I hope your Monday is wonderful!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

have a nice weekend

What are your plans for this weekend? Taylor will be working at the hospital tomorrow so I'm going to help Shannen with a garage sale and hopefully sell a few things before our big move in TWO weeks! And ONE week from tomorrow we will be picking up Chief! Ahhh so much going on. My goals for Saturday (besides having a great morning :) include beginning to pack up and puppy-proof the house.

Tay and I don't have any Easter plans just yet (besides going to church), but his mom sent us a fun package of candy! I hope everyone has a really nice weekend.

Erin's sister, Natalie, made a Pinterest board for the big day :)

Wouldn't this picnic be a fabulous engagement party?

Easter flower arrangements

An alphabet ring

Found the perfect wedge for Jenna's wedding!

I can't stop drooling over this Jackson Hole wedding.

// Top photo via a well traveled woman //

how to have a great morning

I'm sorry yesterday got away from me without finishing my thoughts on a good morning. Taylor and I had a heart to heart the other night and it led me to some realizations about my character and weaknesses.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

good morning

Later today I want to share some personal goals about breaking bad morning habits and building new and better morning habits. In the meantime, how do you have a good morning? What are your morning rituals or what comprises your morning routine?

// Photo via wit + delight //

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wedding wednesday : part two

As promised, I have some wedding inspiration straight from one of the coolest cities in the country- Austin, Texas. To start off, here is a chic and modern backyard wedding featured on Once Wed:

This street party reception in Hyde Park doesn't just look glamorous- it looks fun! I could easily see Erin doing something a little edgy and off the beaten path. Since the girl could be getting hitched out west, I really hope she incorporates some succulents (and a signature cocktail drink :)

And who could forget The Cream wedding event held in Austin earlier this year? The textiles and colors in this tablescape have a subtle Native American feel.

Erin has always been a free spirit and there's not a doubt in my mind that her & Blake's wedding and reception will emulate that gypsy vibe. Here's one of Erin's favorite weddings captured by the ever-so-talented Max Wanger:

The scenery is simply breathtaking. And I just love the teepee in the background. My favorite ceremonies are the ones that look so natural within the landscape.

Doesn't everyone want their wedding to feel like one big wild and fun family reunion? I wish I had a group shot taken at my wedding! I think it would make every guest feel so special. Maybe I can convince Erin to do so :)

The real question is- who is ready to move to Dunton Hot Springs?? Yeah, me too. But back to what this is really about- Erin and Blake's wedding. No matter the venue or menu or theme it is going to be one heck of a PARTY. I hope Erin has so much fun planning and I can't wait to share aspects of her big day as it all comes together.


// Photo sources: 1. - 5. by Ashley Garmon via Once Wed, 6. & 7. by The Nichols via Ruffled, 8. - 13. via 100 Layer Cake, 14. - 22. by Max Wanger //
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