Thursday, March 29, 2012

dream home {bedroom}

I haven't been daydreaming about our new bedroom as much as I've been anticipating our living room, dining room, kitchen, guest room and bathroom. But I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to gather design inspiration on this little blog. One of the biggest adjustments we will have to face is the size of our bedroom. If you remember from my house tour, our bedroom is massive and offers plenty of space for a king size bed, night stands, two dressers and a seating area. Our new bedroom will probably be half the size.

Although there will be less furniture, there isn't too much I want to change for the overall look of our new bedroom. The most important decision to make for our little retreat is the wall color. Even though the living room will be gray, I like the look in bedrooms as well. Perhaps we will try a hue between a gray and a blue.

The next decision will be layout. What layout do you prefer for a bedroom- the bed facing windows or facing the entrance of the room? With two sets of windows we can still use our current drapes from Ikea (similar ones here) and spruce them up with rope accents. I also love the idea of homemade rope bowls for jewelry, keys or keepsakes.

I also love the thought of a soft, furry rug as soon as my feet hit the floor. In college my friend Erin had one of Ikea's sheepskin rugs by RENS. So fluffy between your toes!

 And if there's room for a woven basket with extra pillows and blankets, I'm there!

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  1. I prefer a bed to face the windows but ours is in front of a window because that's just how it fits in our room. I can't wait to see your new place. I love arranging a new room!

  2. Finally Julie! I've been waiting for a comment from you to work :) I like it to face a window too! Yes I will DEFINITELY be needing your arranging wisdom.


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