Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wedding wednesday

Over the weekend I drove to my parent's home in Marietta for some quality family time and used the trip as an opportunity to search for a bridesmaid dress. My younger sister, Lauren, helped me pick one for Jenna's wedding. She has great taste (and a blog of her own :) so it was like having a personal shopper at Franchesca's.

Here is the first one Lauren found. The soft cream dress had simple beading and loose sleeves. It was a little big in the waist (hence why I am holding it in behind my back), but that seemed like an easy fix.

I really loved the details of the dress since they reminded me of something from the 1920's. I didn't get a picture but the back has a row of small buttons and a zipper.

The second dress was a very light pink with subtle poke-a-dots. I was texting Jenna for her opinion and while the second option was definitely a safer pick in terms of her color palette, it wasn't the most flattering of fit.

Camera phones don't always do a dress justice I took a few more pictures to give Jenna a better idea of the cream one compared to pink and white.

Can you guess which one Jenna approved of? Option number one! Which also happened to be on sale! And here's the real kicker- with an extra 30%, the dress was only $18. It will need some alterations, but have you ever heard of paying less than $20 (ha less than $100) for a bridesmaid dress?? This can only mean one thing...more money for accessories gifts for Jenna & Andrew!

// Top photo via Pinterest //


  1. seriously? that's a steal! I wish i could find cute dresses where I live. Great find!

  2. i love your dress!

  3. Hey marilisa! This is my first visit to ur blog,very cute! and I really loved the dress that Jenna picked, very classy!

  4. yay! I liked option no. 1 better! What a deal!


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