Monday, March 26, 2012

over the weekend

You know those days where you literally cannot stop smiling? That was Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. This weekend was full of so many good things, I don't even know where to begin.

By Friday I still wasn't unsure what I was going to give Tay for his birthday. I love giving practical gifts, but also something he wouldn't necessarily spend big bucks on for himself. So naturally I bought him new Nike baseball cleats.

Friday evening included dinner at Transmet and drinks with some of Taylor's best friends. His boys make me laugh so hard. We also met up with Dan & Lauren at Treppenhaus. Lauren and I couldn't get over our matching outfits - bright pants, white tops & wedges!

Saturday morning started off nice and lazy with breakfast biscuits at Chik-fil-A and then Taylor went to the batting cage with his brother. In celebration of both Taylor and his friend Brandon's birthday we met up for dinner at Fuzzy's (I was not impressed to say the least) and then the boys played corn hole at Little Kings.

We ended the night at Boar's Head and I must say- I have the most beautiful friends.

Sunday was Taylor's official birthday so naturally we went to Ike & Jane for a birthday donut. I even had a birthday banner installed! Just kidding- the shop celebrated it's 3rd birthday a few weeks ago. I also think I look more tired than I actually was...

At church my sweet friend Sophie was baptized into Christ! We had been studying the Word for almost eight months and I am so proud of her conviction and maturity at such a young age. How can I thank the good Lord enough for an amazing husband, wonderful friends, and a meaningful purpose in this life?


P.S. this is my 100th post! woo hoo!


  1. yes! i made the blog again :) love the laughing picture at top, such a good memory

  2. Of course Amelia! Maybe I can do a feature soon on your Yoga Sprouts! And yes that first photo...I can't remember ever laughing so hard ;)


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