Friday, March 2, 2012

have a wild weekend

Thank goodness for Friday. I am officially recovered from last weekend and ready for what March has in store! Tonight Tay and I are going to a birthday shin-dig for our friend John (Shannen's husband) over at Highwire Lounge. Saturday morning will include Tay's homemade breakfast and garage sale-ing. Weather permitting, we will go to the Georgia Baseball game and then a double-date dinner at our favorite spot. I hope your weekend is absolutely wild!

And of course, a little link lovin'...

We've been listening to Sebastian by Reptar nonstop this week

I should get this sweet cover for Taylor's iPad!

Vintage Polaroid Wedding Invitation

Preparing for our future pup by watching this video

Kesley and Andrew got a puppy too!

Just discovered design is mine and drooling over loving it!

A color palette with saffron

// Photo via The Design Ark //


  1. I like the photo you used for this post, my kids love the movie UP!

  2. It's such a great movie about love and friendship!


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