Tuesday, February 28, 2012

over the weekend

Sorry for being MIA yesterday- I am still trying to recover from the weekend. Friday and Saturday were packed with set up and breakdown for the Gwinnett Medical Center Cornerstone Society Gala at the Georgia Jet Hanger in Lawrenceville. Those two days were long and grueling, but it was so enjoyable to see all the hours, days and months of planning pay off. Bethany (the event coordinator) did a fabulous job orchestrating the set ups and making the night memorable for every guest- which by the way, totaled over 600!

My hope is to share more details and photos from the gala later this week! I will let you in on one of the perks of being Bethany's assistant Saturday night- I had my own radio.

Sunday was filled with church and a trip to Madison for a bridal showcase. Bethany, Ashlynne and I went to a beautiful tea room owned by Kathi Russell. I'm hoping one of my friends will have a luncheon or bridal shower there in the future!

Overall this weekend was crazy busy and fun. I feel like I'm gaining a better understanding of what event coordinating encompasses and how important it is to have healthy outlets for stress (because something will always go wrong). 

I'm taking today off to rest up and fight off what feels like a cold/allergies/emotional exhaustion, etc :) Taylor has been so sweet in taking care of me and being patient as I get back to our normal routine.

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  1. Nice photos! event coordinating and the catering biz sounds so much fun ( with hard job though). I am your new follower. Please check mines out :)
    Have a great day!


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