Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a house tour : part two

Part of why we chose to live here was because Taylor can walk to work. And my drive to the office is only 5 minutes, so we're saving lots of cash on gas. One cool thing I read about Normaltown was that it was the first area of Athens to be wired for electricity in 1896.

Let's continue on our tour, shall we.

Walk In Through Closet: 

Our house has two closests and one of them is actually just a small room you walk through to get to the kitchen...Practical? No. Do boys care about a practical closet? No. I meant to hang long curtains in front of Tay's clothes, but it just never happened. I did buy a curtain rod though.


Our kitchen is located towards the back of the house and although it has almost no cabinet space, it does have a pretty impressive pantry. It also doesn't have a dishwasher (hence why my loving husband is washing all our dishes by hand). We bought the little island from Ikea to store our pots and pans and to have a place to sit for meals. It's a quirky room, but it has served us well.

Office/Laundry Room:

Taylor likes to joke that this is both our office (he works at the desk and I work on our laundry). But this has been a nice room for extra storage. It's a hodge-podge of furniture- most of which I'm looking forward to getting rid of or revamping. That back door leads to our porch and would be the perfect spot for a hammock.


Last but not least, our bathroom. Located in the front left corner of the bathroom is an uncovered water heater. I started to build a cover for it, but never finished the project. I'm finding my common theme of unfinished projects to be somewhat depressing. However, I am determined to make projects happen in our new house :)

So that's our home! If moving within the next two months works out, I'm sure I'll be sharing lots of design inspiration.

P.S. I found a pretty cool blog about Athens too...

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