Monday, February 6, 2012

a house tour

On Friday I mentioned sharing an update on what's been going on in my life, so here it goes. We're moving! Well, we're trying to move. As much as Tay and I have enjoyed our first home together, we really want to get a dog and that's just not possible in the house we're in now.

With that being said- we're currently praying for a sublet by the end of March. Before we pack up and head out, I thought I would give you a little tour! Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. We're renters.
2. We're poor & young.
3. Some of our furniture were gifts. Some were leftovers from our college days.
4. The wall colors were not our choice because [see #1].
5. We have more space than we can fill because [see #2].
6. The set up of our house is not conventional. At all.
7. The house is actually split into 3 different units.

I read online that the house was built in 1935, but I'm not sure when the leasing company  (or landlord) decided to split the house into three units. Anyways, let's go on a tour!

Living Room:

This is the first room  you enter from the front door. It's a great size, but since it's only heated by that little gas heater under the window, we haven't spent much time in this room during the colder months.

Dining Room:

The living room and dining room are connected by pocket doors. The couple who lived here before us actually used this room as their bedroom. Recognize that book shelf? As much as I love this room, we really only enjoy it when we have others over for dinner.


How do I put this? Our bedroom is HUGE. And it's in the center of the house (i.e., no privacy). You enter from the dining room into our bedroom through pocket doors again. Since the house doesn't have a set bedroom, we figured we might as well pick the biggest room with the bay windows!

Check back tomorrow for part two!

// Top photo via Center City //


  1. Your home is adorable! It is funny because it really reminds me of Eric's & I's first place (which we moved out of after 3 months due to it being WAY to unconventional). Those first places will be the best memories though!

  2. Brittany that's so funny that y'all had a similar experience! I blame it on the "we're looking for our first place to live together" ecstasy that takes place when house lose all sense of conventionalism and don't notice the little (BIG) things like: no dishwasher, gas heaters that pose a risk of carbon monoxide leaks, terrible insulation, an exposed water heater in the bathroom, etc. My standards are a little higher this go around :)


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