Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yesterday was not a good day. I will spare you the whiny details, but miscommunications led to unfair assumptions which led to an unhappy client, which had me feeling something between anger and guilt. Anger over the undefined, yet unattainable expectations people have, and guilt over that ever-lurking-feeling of "could I have done more to make them happy?"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Simplest of Suggestions

If you're like me, you love a good "How To" guide. If we're kindred spirits, you especially love the down-right-practical ones so much that you'd be foolish not to follow directions immediately. Which leads us to my point that Camille Style's simple suggestion to incorporate a pile of loose pictures to create an interactive space on your coffee table is brilliance. Sheer, functional brilliance. Read more here.

// Image from Camille Styles //

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Notes 09

What a week! With Taylor starting grad school I found myself starting a whole new regimen to stay on top of work and anticipating his needs. I've found that keeping my at-home work schedule as close to 9-5 as possible really helps me unwind by the end of the day, and not be so attached to my computer once he's home. Here's my gratitude round-up from this week in August:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Moved By Words

I stumbled upon a blog I used to follow and read an endearing quote in reference to helping someone find a relationship with God,

"With the Lord as my strength I will stay the course! [They are] very special to me. I can't imagine heaven without [them]! With you on one side, us on the other and the Lord before [them, they] have nowhere else to go but up!"

My heart stopped at the thought of expressing to someone, "I can't imagine heaven with you!" Doesn't everyone deserve to hear that? And wasn't that how Jesus truly and authentically made everyone around him feel? I pray to live a life with that heart for those around me! So if you need some motivation to hang in there, know that heaven would NOT be the same without YOU!


Monday, August 18, 2014

School of Marriage

Hi friends! It's hard to believe today is the first day of school for student in Athens, and many others have already been back in the swing of things for over a week. I'm not the one heading into a semester of course work, exams and projects, but I very much feel like I am since today is my Taylor's first day of graduate school.

Monday, August 4, 2014

With My By Myself

Have you ever stayed in a hotel by yourself? And not just in a room to yourself, but in a new city without knowing anyone else? On Friday evening, after running a ceremony rehearsal at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn, I checked in at 200 Main by myself for the evening.

After checking in I grabbed dinner to go at a local burrito place, made myself comfy by watching HGTV and finally updating the blog. I also had time to think through any last minute updates for the wedding the next day, take a bubble bath and simply relax. I tend to be a huge worrier when I'm alone and freak myself out by hearing "sounds" and assuming there is an ax murderer on the loose if Taylor is not right next to me...I didn't get the best sleep in the world but it was certainly an interesting experience to say the least.

Have you ever traveled alone overnight? If so, do you like it or does it give you anxiety? Perhaps I should have poured myself a fat glass of wine and called it a night ;)

// Image via Southern Charm //

Friday, August 1, 2014

Slow & Steady

Does anyone else feel like July was...slow? In the best way possible? I had a month break in-between weddings from the end of June to the end of July which was certainly a blessing. Not that the month hasn't still been filled with work, but it can be nice to experience real weekends every once and a while. Instead of Friday Notes, I thought I would share what I was grateful for in the month of July:

July started off with a trip up to the north Georgia mountains to a lake house with my in-laws. I cherish my time with Taylor's parents who truly feel like an a second set of parents. The photo above is of Taylor and I bonding in the most temperamental canoe...hence why I am not rowing. Or moving!

I organized my first official styled shoot at Creature Comforts Brewing Company with an amazing team of vendors, and learned A TON about the real logistics behind photo shoots. Challenges pop up, just like on a wedding day, but it's certainly easier than dealing with the stress of running a ceremony!

Half way through the month I traveled to beautiful Highlands, North Carolina for a final walk through for a wedding that is actually this weekend! I continue to be amazed by the opportunities put before me to work with such talented creatives and sweet families. Downtown Highlands is absolutely darling and I'm excited to be staying at 200 Main this weekend and have my own personal getaway :)

We went on vacation with my family to St. George Island, Florida and had one of the most relaxing weeks I can remember in a looong time. I read Bridge to Haven in TWO days while it was rainy, played Scrabble with my mom, Rummikub with my sister, got some color on the beach and sipped on my mom's mean margaritas daily.

The family vacation was the perfect treat before jumping into another wedding weekend - this time at Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club. The month ended with T and I celebrating 6 years of being together (dating + engagement + marriage). All in all it was an incredible month, with a leisure pace. One thing I wish I had done differently in July was being more consistent with my PowerSheets. Luckily, I ordered my next 6 month set and am ready to push the re-start button to continue to MAKE 2014 HAPPEN!

How was your month and your summer as a whole? I can't believe August is here!

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