Monday, August 4, 2014

With My By Myself

Have you ever stayed in a hotel by yourself? And not just in a room to yourself, but in a new city without knowing anyone else? On Friday evening, after running a ceremony rehearsal at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn, I checked in at 200 Main by myself for the evening.

After checking in I grabbed dinner to go at a local burrito place, made myself comfy by watching HGTV and finally updating the blog. I also had time to think through any last minute updates for the wedding the next day, take a bubble bath and simply relax. I tend to be a huge worrier when I'm alone and freak myself out by hearing "sounds" and assuming there is an ax murderer on the loose if Taylor is not right next to me...I didn't get the best sleep in the world but it was certainly an interesting experience to say the least.

Have you ever traveled alone overnight? If so, do you like it or does it give you anxiety? Perhaps I should have poured myself a fat glass of wine and called it a night ;)

// Image via Southern Charm //

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