Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yesterday was not a good day. I will spare you the whiny details, but miscommunications led to unfair assumptions which led to an unhappy client, which had me feeling something between anger and guilt. Anger over the undefined, yet unattainable expectations people have, and guilt over that ever-lurking-feeling of "could I have done more to make them happy?"

Yesterday taught me that the answer to that lurking question is sometimes no. Sometimes people will be unhappy no matter the alternatives you offer, no matter how much you do behind the scenes, no matter how long you stay awake and stress over the minute details of their precious event.

And to those people who refuse to be happy I gotta say- there is a much more freeing way to live that is not nearly as negative or exhausting or wrinkle-inducing and I highly recommend giving it a go. Ok that is all. Thanks for letting me vent!

// Image via Breathe, You Are Alive //


  1. Girl, that's the worst feeling in the world, and I hate that you had to experience it. I truly feel sad for people who refuse to be happy -- not just in regards to their event.... it usually seems to permeate their lives. Hate that they took out their unhappiness on your sweet self!

  2. I'm sorry :( don't beat yourself up. You probably did everything you could, but even if you were in the wrong and could have done better, it's okay. You are a hard worker and have the best intentions.


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