Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Notes 09

What a week! With Taylor starting grad school I found myself starting a whole new regimen to stay on top of work and anticipating his needs. I've found that keeping my at-home work schedule as close to 9-5 as possible really helps me unwind by the end of the day, and not be so attached to my computer once he's home. Here's my gratitude round-up from this week in August:

Driving Taylor to his first day of graduate school was memorable and hilarious. We prayed in the car for God to guide us through this exciting transition. I also snapped a picture as he got out of the car and unfortunately there's no way to confirm whether this is truly him haha. I'm grateful that life isn't about picture perfect moments or presenting ourselves as having it all figured out since clearly, we don't. We might as well laugh through this crazy time of life together!

My schedule felt similar to Monday, with more moments of being easily distracted by the dogs. I was wondering whether I could write off pet expenses as being work related since the pups keep me happy during some of the most stressful times...I will have to do more research. In the meantime, I'm super grateful for silly pups I can watch and from my desk chat with all day like a crazy person.

I finally finished one of my favorite home projects yet - dyed canvas cloths that are being used as curtains in the office. After cutting the 9' x 12' cloth I finished the edges with my hand-me-down sewing machine! Sewing, by the way, is easier than it looks. Later in the evening, I learned how to start and work a charcoal grill when making grilled peach and chicken salad for dinner. Again, slightly easier than it looks if you're patient enough and not terrified of lighter fluid. I'm grateful to keep learning new things, even when the first attempts are not perfect :)

A day in Atlanta was just what I needed to break up the routine of the week. I met a former co-worker and friend at Marriott Buckhead to catch up on life and get a tour of their event space. An afternoon meeting was rescheduled so I was able to make a quick dash to Lenox (I mean when you're meeting is across the street how could you not...) and snagged this vest on sale! The change in plans also led to a spontaneous lunch with my brother-in-law who recently started working at PWC. My last adventure of the day was a tasting and final walkthrough at King Plow Arts Center and even sitting in rush hour traffic made me grateful for such a fun and unpredictable job.

Today I am grateful for a body that feels rested and on it's way to consist, healthy habits. I've been pushing myself to work out every morning (with the exception of Thursday due to the commute to ATL) after I drop Taylor off on campus. I never used to consider myself a "morning workout" person but I can already feel more drive and focus once my work day begins. It's nice to get in a rhythm and see results- and having a running partner helps too. Or at least that's what Chief tells me...

This weekend will be pretty laid back with a trip to the farmer's market and lots of reading. I hope everyone has some fun plans in store!

A song for your weekend. Or your life. Mine is the latter.

Although for a PR firm, this could be cool as a save the date!

Pinching pennies for this tote with my initials.

Great career tips with my favorite being simply, "Set networking goals."

Home-tour swooning.

An online consignment shop. I'll stick to thrifting, but the idea is pretty cool.

Next week is the kick off for college football! I'm ready to don the red & black.


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