Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Notes 08

Happy weekend! Before we head out of town for our anniversary, I wanted to share what I was grateful for this week and some much needed link love!

The morning started off with coffee and a life talk with a friend, work and then a trip to Atlanta for meetings and to visit with sweet Sarah before she has her first baby. I got dinner with a couple getting married next May at Brick Store Pub and the fish & chips were uh-mazing. I was grateful for time with co-workers, clients and a potential bride who actually just booked yesterday! 2015 is already shaping up to be one heck of a year.

A final walk through at Foxhall Resort for a summer wedding had me in my car for about 4 hours...but I was so grateful to be on the road listening to my favorite music and trying to memorize as many songs by The SteelDrivers until the concert tonight.

Our three year anniversary was a day of simplicity. The outpouring love from friends and family, near and far, was incredibly encouraging and I felt grateful for the support system we have around us, helping us build the strongest marriage possible.

My third trip in a week to Atlanta left me pretty exhausted - but it was still filled with fun. I met a client at Jeni's to discuss Maggie's mad calligraphy skills over ice cream, took a visit to Amy Osaba's new studio at King Plow and then, made the quickest visit to Ikea in the history of Ikea just to pick up a rug for the home office. Ultimately, I was grateful to not sit in traffic for 2+ hours!

Somehow I overslept this morning which has already thrown my day off. Instead of feeling flustered, I am going to focus on the good - we are leaving for Nashville this afternoon and I am so grateful for our much-anticipated getaway. I hope everyone has a great weekend in store and I look forward to catching up next week.

A song for your weekend.

Sweet pup that reminds me of my Kola.

Let's have a tea towel party!

Emily keeps it real.

Fun straw.

Our house (and my life) could really use a portable record player.

Elegant look for summer nights.

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