Thursday, May 15, 2014

Updates and Such

Blogging has felt more few and far between this May since after a month off, I was back at my part-time job most mornings from about 7 to 11. Well, that's all about to change since I actually put my two-weeks notice in yesterday and will be done on May 30th.

This was certainly a difficult decision to navigate as I truly enjoy the job, my role, the people, and the laid back atmosphere. So why leave? Part of the problem was a constantly changing schedule and without consistent days on or off, my full time job suffered. After much prayer and discernment, Taylor and I finally made the decision that it was time for me to leave. And then even once that was a reality, I held on to my resignation letter for a week because I just couldn't bring myself to turn it in! As a people-pleaser (and conflict-avoider!) I was dreading the thought of letting someone down, or causing stress. T really talked me through the reality of the situation - being in a part time job always means high turn over and I had actually been in this role a lot longer than most. Doesn't everyone need someone in their corner, giving them a pep talk before moving forward?!

Even though I am sad to leave, it has already felt like a huge weight lifted to (eventually) be back in control of my schedule. Have you ever had to quit a job you actually liked?

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  1. I wept (literally, wept.) for a solid 30 minutes in the car after I left my last day at my last job. It's so hard when it's something you enjoy with people you've grown to love. I had to just keep reminding myself that my life was taking me to a new chapter and that this would be a happy one to look back to, but there's even more waiting in the future. It's nice to remember when something has been good, just because it's over does't mean the future can't bring just as good, if not better, things too!


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