Sunday, May 11, 2014

Friday Notes 07

There is something so weird about the week after working a wedding. I tend to fool myself into thinking I will stick to the strictest routine and structure, but really I am lucky to function just enough to wake up each morning and write coherent e-mails. In all seriousness, I am in constant awe of the joy I find in my job and making other people happy on their wedding day! This was a great week and here are all the things I felt grateful for:

Allergies got the best of me so I left my shift early and headed to Atlanta with Maggie in tow to return linens from the weekend wedding. We made the most of the trip by grabbing lunch at West Egg and now my pimento cheese addiction is out of control. I'm grateful for spontaneous friends willing to come along for the ride and try new things!

After a trip to Mattie's studio to pick up darling recipe cards for a bridal shower, I buckled down outside of the Jittery Joe's in Watkinsville with one of their Mango Freezers in hand. It was so refreshing and made me grateful that despite the heat, there are fun ways to cool down.

This day was a whirlwind! After foraging wildflowers for a campus ministry event, I toured a few offices for potential space to set up shop (more on that later!) and then got to arranging all the centerpieces. With a mix of ranunculus from 3 Porch Farm, wildflowers from the side of the Loop 10 and green filler from my backyard, Maggie and I created over 30 arrangements and some sweet bud arrangements too. I was so grateful for the creative outlet to do something that I love, but don't always have the opportunity to do!

With a page-long to-do list I set out on what matters most first - getting caught up on my quiet times and Daily Bible. After being almost 2 weeks behind in reading, it was refreshing to get back on track. Psalms that I had read numerous times before struck a new cord and left me in greater awe of God's power and glory.

My in-laws arrived in town for my bother-in-law, Jon's, graduation festivities and we had a wonderful time celebrating graduation at Sanford Stadium. The time brought back so many great memories of when my roommates and I enjoyed all the anticipation of stepping out into the real working world. Cheers to all the graduates and best wishes as you embark on a new chapter of life!

This has been a great weekend with friends and family. I hope everyone enjoys their evening and had a great Mother's Day too :)


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