Thursday, May 29, 2014

Over & Out

Today is my last day at my part time job!! It's bittersweet for sure...mostly sweet...but I am truly amazed by the encouragement and support from my coworkers for this decision and next step in life. It's weird to think how much has changed in a matter of a year.

This job taught me a lot about myself and a lot about life: it's good to have a job you don't necessarily like, becoming a morning person isn't impossible, and I can handle a lot more on my plate than I think - it just takes working smarter, not harder. I would be lying to myself if I wasn't a little fearful about the future so I am praying for trust, and for more wedding bookings to come my way for next year :) God has always provided and I know He will continue to do so - in His way, on His time.

I'm relieved to finally be full time at Chancey Charm and give all my energy and passion towards something I wholeheartedly love and believe in. Are any of you going through career changes? What has the transition been like?

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