Monday, June 9, 2014

Currently Following: Design Improvised

Don't you just love how a simple search for design inspiration can lead you to all corners of the web? That's essentially what happened when I was looking for office ideas on Apartment Therapy, saw Haeley's home office featured and then immediately checked out her blog. 

She shares tons of DIY projects that are both simple and low budget- best of both worlds, right? 

Haeley's ideas range from home office organization like revamping a file cabinet and simplifying craft supplies clutter, to adding simple touches to a cinder block or craft paper for an instantly updated look. 

My personal favorite is definitely her stamped tea towel tutorial - perfect for an outdoor summer party, paired with snacks and cocktails for a group of girls!

What new blogs are you discovering and lovely lately?

// All images from Design Improvised //

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