Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Notes 06

Happy Friday friends! This week was relatively easy breezy when it comes to work and I gave myself a gold star for productivity! I cannot say the same is true for the condition of my house, but that is a never-ending battle. Here are 5 things I am grateful for this week!

After meeting with a sweet bride and florist to discuss her September wedding at Foxhall I stayed at Starbucks for another 5 hours to be sure I was caught up after taking 4 days off. I was grateful for Green Tea, forgetting about my phone, and deep focus.

It was a bit more bitter than sweet to be back at my part time job after a month off but I can choose to be grateful for extra income and all my weekends off approved.

While a major storm rolled in trees went down all over Athens, including right on campus and in our neighborhood. We even had a cat stuck in a tree right outside our house, that was eventually rescued by it's owners :) Feeling grateful for safety

A meeting with a 2015 bride brought Sarah and I to Yeah! Burger for lunch and then over to La Raine's so the bride could pick out her wedding dress- which is nothing short of stunning. Seriously grateful that girls entrust us with such a huge day as their wedding, and let us join them for the special memories of picking out their wedding gown.

Today is install and rehearsal day for my sweet bride Kim, getting married at a private farm in Alpharetta. The weather is supposed to be nothing short of gorgeous and I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle to this song. Have a great weekend!

song for your weekend!

Stone. Cold. FOX.

One of my sweet brides was Southern Weddings' April Bride of the Month!

This video makes my heart happy for 10 million reasons.

The most gorgeous cookies.

Am I officially old and weird for wanting one?

Madewell's blog is my new favorite.

Perfect spring make up tips.

Get more productive!


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  1. I see you with that Southern Weddings shout out!! ;)


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