Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Over the Weekend

I love long weekends, but they certainly make me anxious over how quickly a week can go by! I have a wedding this coming weekend so instead of getting nervous or stressed, I am going to focus on the fun that was had this past weekend.

Taylor and I got to our hotel early Friday evning, did a little exploring and quickly got ready so we could pick up tickets to the show at Station Inn. Being the newbies that we were, we had no idea most people stay at the venue once they buy tickets because seats are hard to come by and it gets very crowded quickly. We cancelled our dinner reservation and just grabbed pizza and beer from the bar while waiting for the show to start. The Steeldrivers were amazing and it's a true testament to an artist when they sound just as good (or better) live than on an album. I am already dying to see them again in August at Terminal West!

After the show we went back to our hotel to grab a drink and food at Bar Lines. A band was performing and the amount of women on the dance floor made me feel like I was back at a wedding reception. Taylor could not be convinced to get out and dance, which was probably for the best...

The next morning we got breakfast at the in-house restaurant, Kitchen Notes, and were stuffed to our heart's content with coffee and southern fixins. We strolled through the Music City Walk of Fame (to work off our breakfast) and then went out to the rooftop pool for a little sun and relaxation.

After checking out of the hotel, we did some window shopping at Two Old Hippies, then lunch at Cantina Laredo. The margaritas were refreshing and the table side guacamole was nothing short of perfection. If that combo doesn't get you ready for summer I don't know what does.

Next we drove to our friend's house where we would be spending Saturday night and headed out for a 7 mile canoe ride down the Harpeth River. We rewarded ourselves with dinner at The Loveless Cafe and I consumed more buttered biscuits than I dare to share.

Once we were back at Casey & Brittany's home to unwind, we watched Field of Dreams - a classic baseball movie I had never seen (which if you know my husband is quite shocking). Although the movie isn't a new favorite, I'm sure I would have a greater appreciation if I were a boy who grew up playing catch. Sunday morning we had breakfast together before T and I got on the road, and took some photos with our friend's huge Newfoundland- Norman! Isn't his facial expression hilarious?!

All in all, it was an incredible anniversary weekend filled with the people I love, good food, drinks and lots of laughs. Can't wait to go back to Nashville in August!


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