Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wedding wednesday

I am so excited to finally share some personal news in the job department (and I promise it relates to weddings :) After months of prayer, consideration and wisdom seeking, I decided to step away from my first "real world" job and accept a position with Chancey Charm Weddings!

Started by Sarah Chancey, CC is a southern wedding planning company that creates customized designs for clients to feel a true vision for their big day. Working with a unique team of talented women has always been a desire and passion of mine and I am so thrilled for this new adventure.

Although leaving the structured 9 to 5 schedule has left me feeling a little anxious about my time and productivity, I am loving the freedom of creating my schedule, setting meetings, and enjoying wife-hood. Working from home is definitely requiring the best of my self control and discipline. Do any of you work from home? I would love to hear how you set your schedules and if you have any tips for being disciplined!

Thanks for letting me share about my current career changes. I hope to use Wedding Wednesday as a way to share about my own clients in the near future too!


P.S. you can see my bio here :)

// Top photo by Lauren Locher Carnes //

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