Tuesday, March 6, 2012

dream home {kitchen}

I'm excited to get back to discussing the new house. Now that it's March, we're only two months away from our move in date! I am especially looking forward to redecorating and working out of a new kitchen.

The kitchen in the new house is pretty tiny, but thankfully it has cabinets and plenty of storage. And it has a dishwasher!! Can I just say we will never appreciate a dishwasher more than after a year without one. To make the space functional, we will probably keep our little Ikea rolling cart for food prep and storage, but sit in the dining room for meals.

I don't know exactly what I want to do in terms of color. The other day I was eating a grapefruit for breakfast and just couldn't get over the gorgeous coloring of the tasty citrus- from the bright yellow peal to the vibrant pink flesh. It could very well be my inspiration.

Do you think peachy pink walls would look good or a bright & sunny yellow? Perhaps we will keep everything white and just use accents of the yellow and pink (if I can convince Tay to have anything pink period). One thing I do know for sure- we need a chalkboard wall.

It would be great to add open shelving as well. Not only is it a practical way to grab what you need, but pretty dishes can make wonderful displays of art on the wall.

For simple details, I like the idea of organizing utensils in pretty bowls on a serving tray. Herbs in tin tea canisters right by the window are a sweet touch too. And speaking of tea, who doesn't love tea cups hung under a shelf?

Right behind our sink is a window looking out to the backyard which will be the perfect spot to keep an eye on our new pup, Chief. What kitchen features are most important to you?

P.S. You can also check out my dining room and living room ideas too!

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