Thursday, June 28, 2012

the perfect sandal

Even though June is on it's way out, I am still on the hunt for a comfortable and chic summer sandal that can translate from work to play (and won't break the bank). Here are some of my favorite options:

The Adrienne Vittandini Lark Wedge Sandal looks likes a great option for jeans, skirts and shorts. I love the shade of leather, but the center threading might be a little too casual for a fancy summer dress. It's hard to beat the $69.95 price tag though!

If money weren't an object, the Taryn by Taryn Rose Dee Wedge Sandal would be a no-brainer. The distressed leather and slingback strap are perfect and probably completely worth $119.95. I really like the height, but I'm not sure if I would want my foot so covered.

The Born Rhys Wedge offers a sweet compromise between my first two choices - the reasonable price of $79.95 with a gorgeous leather design and slingback strap. The heel might be a little too much for everyday in the office, but this wedge is awesome.

Alas, I think I have found my favorite. The Levity Carly Wedge Sandal has it all - a simple heel, great shade of leather, flattering straps and lovely ankle strap. And did I mention it's only $54.95?! Done and done.

What shoes do you live in for the summer?

// Top photo via wit + delight. All shoe photos from DSW and on my wishlist //

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