Tuesday, June 12, 2012

spontaneous date night

A few weeks ago, after a long day of work, trying to keep up with Chief, and dreading making dinner, Taylor offered for us to go out to eat. I always enjoyed our spontaneous dates, but since we've been married and faced the "real-er world" of full time work I LOVE them. I need them. I cherish them.

We ended up at Big City Bread for a late dinner and brought the pup along (he was so little! ah!).

Dinner was delicious (I had the crisp apple and spinach salad) and the night refreshing. I remember us not having a lot to talk about in the moment, but the simple comfort in just being together and relaxing with good food was enough.

Tonight we have a not-so-spontaneous date planned to see the Yankees play the Braves at Turner Field! I'm so glad we can share a love of baseball together :)

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