Tuesday, September 25, 2012

happy fall

Saturday marked the first day of fall and this season has endless reasons for being my favorite. To begin with, my birthday is in the heart of October which always makes for excellent and unique celebrations.

I am also itching to pick up pumpkins for our front porch. Now that we're in a real neighborhood, the anticipation for trick-or-treaters is almost too much to bear!

The smell of burning leaves has been my favorite smell for as long as I can remember. I usually catch a whiff when I'm driving with the windows down and suddenly I'm transported to some of the best memories of my college years.

That is all :) xoxo

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// Photo sources: 1. via Prepaganda 2. via Bourbon & Pearls 3. via The Awkward Bird //


  1. We are just talking about how excited we were to get trick-or-treaters too! Our neighborhood is so full of kiddos it's ridiculous. And then we remembered the crazy barking dogs we have when people come near the house and the excitement went very downhill. haha. If I have to, they will remained locked up just so I can have my happiness of passing out candy. Is it creepy of me to take pictures of the cutest kids that come knocking?

  2. Kelsey I literally had the SAME train of thought. I so wish we had a pup who would just run up to kiddos and lick their faces but that is just not gonna happen...

    I don't think that's creepy but of course I don't have any kids of my own hahaha


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