Tuesday, September 4, 2012

all spiced up

I finally had a moment afternoon to work on a long-awaited project and I am so excited to share! Last winter I shared some DIY inspiration for creating a cohesive look to a miss-matched spice rack and yesterday I snatched up the opportunity to make it happen.

First I collected all my 4 ounce mason jars from around the house. They had previously been used for tea lights so I had to clean out the wax. Next, I spray painted the metal lids with chalkboard paint and let dry for about 2 hours.

Next, I transferred spices into the jars and labeled the lids with chalk. After securing the lids, I set up my spice rack display in alphabetical order and couldn't get over the cuteness!

Now I just need to decide if the ol' rack needs a facelift. Should I paint it or keep it natural?

P.S. one more DIY coming your way today so please come back later!

// Top photo via Pinterest //

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