Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hudson Bay

Over the weekend Taylor and I went to my parent's for a quick visit and to see my granny since her husband passed away. While my granny is moving in with my aunt, she is in the process of downsizing her belongings and letting the grand-kids pick out any items she no longer has a need for.

While digging in her garage, a colorful blanket caught my eye. The thick stripes looked familiar, but the chances of it being a true Hudson Bay Point Blanket seemed too good to be true...once I pulled it from a pile my instincts were confirmed and the iconic wool blanket was mine! I've been gathering some design inspiration to figure out how I would like to use it in our guest room- which might be getting a make over in the near future.

Although I'm sad the blanket came with loss of a family member, I can be happy that it offer's a sweet reminder of my granny's husband. Have you inherited or discovered any family treasures that have been a design jackpot? I would love to hear!

// Top image from my Instagram (follow me @marilisa_martel). All other images via Pinterest //

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