Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the baby shower

As promised, I wanted to share some images from the baby shower! Amelia did a fantastic job with the food- we had (1) a crudites tray with carrots, celery and sweet potato chips paired with a tasty yogurt dill dip, (2) tasty meatballs from Trader Joe's with a homemade Aioli sauce, (3) pear, kiwi & watermelon fruit kabobs, and (4) brie & goat cheese with fig spread, grapes & crackers.

Instead of a game, we had guests create their own onesies for baby Lucy. I originally saw the idea on The Sweetest Occasion.

Shannen is such a cute mom-to-be. 

A few other details from the day...

And to round it all up, Amelia put on a little fashion shoot with her onesie!

We are so excited for the Malutinok family (who are also Normaltown-ers!) and can't wait for baby Lucy to get here!!

Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, Shannen!


  1. The onesies turned out so great! We need to have a Hobby Lobby and crafting date, as those invites are absolutely precious!

  2. Aw thanks! Yes we do!! I need to brainstorm for Christmas crafts...


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