Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wedding wednesday

For this edition of Wedding Wednesday I thought I would share about a project I'm working on at my internship. In my "About Me" I mention I'm learning the ins and outs of the catering biz...and by that I mean I am currently interning with an event planning company! One of the requirements of the internship is to plan a wedding* from start to finish- theme, decor, floral, food, lighting! Lucky for me, I've had a little experience :)

Here is what I know so far about the wedding:

Date: May 3
Location: Shoulderbone Plantation
Style: J.Crew
Budget: $30,000
Food: LOTS of sweets stations

When I first think of a plantation wedding, of course I think of my own- Southern and rustic. So with this opportunity to create something completely different, I really want the details to speak louder than the venue.

I'm gathering images for my inspiration board and here is what I have so far:

1) My color palette - Bougainvillea (Hot Pink) + Inkblot + Gold Dust

When I saw this color palette on Flights of Fancy I knew this was the direction I wanted to go! Imagine a California girl moves to Georgia for college, meets her soul mate, they get engaged, and he wants a wedding true to his Southern roots... Compromise? A Southern venue decorated with all the glam of L.A. :)

2) My decor - Art Installations!

3) My floral - Succulents + King Protea + Cactus + Ranunculus

4) My sweets - Mexican Wedding Cookies + Truffles

These are just a few ideas to get me started! I will be presenting my "wedding" at work in a little less than a month so I will definitely be sharing more ideas as they come along! I am especially excited to come up with the menu :) It's so much more fun to plan a wedding when it's not your own money! Ha!

*FYI - it's just a project! Which means 1) No pressure from the bride :) and 2) I get to be as creative as I want!


  1. I'm LOVING you color palette choices! I've been dying for a client to use those colors for some time now. Can't wait to see everything come together!


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