Friday, November 25, 2011

thankful for friends

Photo from idealistically via Strikes Our Fancy
Today I am so grateful for the beautiful and hilarious women in my life - my best friends. You girls have no idea how much I value your honesty, integrity, and loyalty. In a world where so many people settle for shallow friendships, I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by friends who strive for a deep closeness with God and one another.

the free spirit, Erin
the fearless one, Carol Anne
the Jersey girl, Jessica
the sweet hipster, Jenna
the happiest wifey, Lauren
the fast talker :) Candice
the storyteller, Christy
the world traveler, Alexandra
the foodie, Amelia
the comedian, Emily
I love you ladies and you all hold such a special place in my heart!!


  1. i want to cry. i feel really honored.

  2. I love you Candice! I can't wait to hang out Saturday :)


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