Monday, March 10, 2014

Bathroom Revisted

If you haven't been able to tell already, I'm a big fan of home projects. My problem is I start them and then my "15 minute break" turns into 3 weeks (or months) of half-finished projects. My goal for our bathroom was to start and finish in a week and let's just say I barely made the deadline.

Way back when we first moved into our house, the bathroom had aqua walls and a brown ceiling, which I quickly changed to all white. I have loved the simplicity but I was itching to add some color. When I saw these prints at Ikea the other week, I decided to use them as my inspiration for a little bathroom re-do.

To begin, I purchased some frames for $3 each at Goodwill with great shape and easy to spray paint. Even though the Ikea poster set came with 3 prints, I opted to just hang 2 in the bathroom as wall space is pretty limited. With the help of my dear friend Maggie, we wiped down and spray painted the frames using Rust-Oleum's Aged Copper. Next I had to cut down the posters to fit the size of the frame, but with their fake matting you could hardly tell and I think they came out really sharp!

Next came painting the lower half of the bathroom walls.The paint was on sale at Home Depot as a pre-mixed gallon of Behr's Premium Plus Ultra (a brand I trust and have used in almost every room of our house) for only $9.

The color isn't perfect, but you can't beat that price on a gallon of quality paint. Two coats later and the bathroom only needed a thorough cleaning and some art on the walls. Including all painting supplies, this whole project came out to less than $40.

It's funny how my original nautical inspiration has come full circle, but in an unexpected way through the Ikea prints. Here's to hoping this is the smallest bathroom we ever have after T is done with grad school!


  1. Looks great! Where did you get your cabinet that hangs over the toilet?

    1. It was actually in my parent's basement for who knows how long! I wish I knew where it was from :/


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