Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Currently Following: Shanna Skidmore

I love following blogs for visual interest, but I especially love finding a new blog with insight and refreshing perspective - and Shanna Skidmore's blog has the best of both worlds! Shanna is a business development coach with a deep passion for helping women live (and work) with intent.

Her blog features helpful business tips on increasing your net worth, living with margin, and term definitions so you don't feel lost in any of the business jargon. Perhaps what's most refreshing about Shanna's blog is that she's honest and real about what's learning through the process as well. I recently met Shanna (as she also works for Amy Osaba) for a client's walk through and her gentle spirit is the real deal!

I've loved learning something new about business every week and I think you will too!

// All images courtesy of Shanna Skidmore //

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