Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Happiest of birthdays to the one my soul loves! Taylor you are my very best friend and favorite person in the universe and I could not be more grateful that YOU were born 26 years ago. Here are 26 things I absolutely adore about you:

1. You devote time in the morning to be in the Word so you are prepared for your day.
2. You work hard- without much recognition or praise- and do so without complaining.
3. You are ambitious and always dreaming big for our future!
4. You take care of my needs- even the littlest needs and lazy favors (i.e., glass of water before bed :)
5. You take care of your friends and are so good about calling them to catch up!
6. You love to read and are a constant learner.
7. You always say good morning and are the sweetest morning person I know.
8. You are good with money and responsible with our finances.
9. You don't mind a splurge now and then and make me feel spoiled.
10. You laugh at my jokes. Even the really dumb ones.
11. You don't take crap from anyone. And I mean anyone.
12. You are willing to do the grocery shopping and laundry even when it's my day to do it!
13. You plan the most fun date nights and trips.
14. You love America. Duh.
15. You talk to kids like they are mini adults and they find you hilarious.
16. You encourage me to pursue my passions and dream job.
17. You don't mind driving me to work and use that time to pray or talk before our day starts.
18. You love to cuddle!
19. You appreciate the finer things- like good shaving cream and good Scotch.
20. You invest in deep relationships and care about our church.
21. You lead by example and are worthy of much respect.
22. You let me choose music in the car.
23. You check your outfits with me for approval and always look your best!
24. You make me laugh harder than anyone. Especially when you imitate a certain voice...
25. You give your time and resources to those in need.
26. You make life and marriage so full and fun.

Love you sweetie!

// Photo by Matt Miller //

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