Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Art + Soul: Copper & Torch

Over the past month I've tried to do a better job of keeping flowers and plants in our home. I especially love terrariums and what better way to display them than in a pretty hand-crafted glass planter from Copper & Torch. Lindsay Troutman is a talented artist with pieces ranging from vases to jewelry (even her necklaces can hold a terrarium!). I originally stumbled upon her work through Mattie who helped her with branding and they both did an incredible job with the logo and website design.

Visit Lindsay's shop to see more pretty pieces that would be darling in a windowsill. Also, if you're as inspired by independent artists as I am, Indie South Fair is May 3rd & 4th if you're in the Athens area!

// All images from Copper & Torch //


  1. Wow, those are GORGEOUS! Love all of your posts on local artists -- so much talent in such a little place. It makes me miss Athens more and more!

    1. I am constantly in awe of the amount of talent and ingenuity in this little town!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful post Marilisa! I am so glad that you like my work! Mattie is amazing too!
    xo, Lindsay Troutman


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